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What is Moldavite?

About 15 million years ago there was a meteorite shower on Earth. The origin of this shower was the Moldavite, the only known gem to fall to Earth from the heavens; it is a very rare crystal of green color, and generally translucent hue. The transparent stone are used as gemstone in jewelry.

It’s name came from the Moldau River Valley north of Prague, where the first stone where founded. Moldavite is prized by humans in Europe, for tools and amulets, since the Upper Paleolithic Stage (Cro-Magnon Man). Some stone were founded in the Willendorf‘s Venus sculpture (Austria) created about 29000 years ago.

Moldavite is a real meteorite (formed in outer space), must of them are originally fragment with less than 100 grams, but exist some big meteorite of about 20 kilograms fragmented in smaller stone. Its origin is based in two theories, the first is as a result of meteorite and the second is maintained by some scientists stating that their origin is lunar from volcanic explosions.

Any way, Moldavite will make it possible for you to touch the universe and a link to past, right now.

Metaphysical Properties: Stone of communication. Moldavite stimulates cooperation and energies transference between those of extra-terrestrial origins and those inhabiting the earth. Moldavite has effects on the third eye, throat and crown charkas. It corresponds to Gemini’s astrological sign.

Our Moldavite was located in an area 90 miles north of the Guianan Shield which has Precambrian Rocks (500 Million of years) and never in the all history had been any volcanic activity in the area o close to it, confirming the theory of meteorite origin.

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